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Honoring & Research

Since the 60th anniversary of Operation Market Garden in 2004 we place small 101st Airborne flags at each grave of a 101st Airborne trooper interred at the American Cemetery in Margraten, The Netherlands. There are 325 101st Airborne troopers interred at Margraten.

We place these flags to remember that those troopers gave their lives for our freedom. We have chosen the 101st Airborne Division due to our special connection with this unit. We would like to emphasize that it is our intention to one day place flags for troopers of ALL Airborne Divisions but that at the moment our finances our insufficient to achieve this.

It is also a fact to be considered that each year a number of flags are taken from the graves by third parties and we have to purchase new flags to be able to continue placing a flag at each grave.

Each year during Memorial Day we place a wreath in honor for all whom gave their lives for our freedom.

Our tours

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge; Bastogne Area

We offer you 4 unique tours in and around Bastogne where the Allies fought in one of the biggest campaigns during the last desperate attack of the German regime.

Fields of Honor

Fields of Honor

The only WWII American military cemetery in the Netherlands is situated in Margraten. Belgium has two World War Two American War Cemeteries: Henri-Chapelle & Ardennes

Operation Market Garden

Operation Market Garden

17th September 1944 American paratroopers landed in The Netherlands and the start of operation Market Garden is a fact.

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