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Other Tours

Band of Brothers Tours | bandofbrotherstours.com
A Rendezvous With History!

D-Day Historian | ddayhistorian.com
WWII battlefield tours in Normandy by Paul Woodadge.

Airborne in England | airborneinengland.co.uk
WWII tours in England, the area of the 101st by Matthew Pellet.

Overlord Tour | overlordtour.com
WWII Battlefield tours in Normandy by Alain Chesnel.

D-Day Battle Tours | ddaybattletours.com
WWII Battlefield tours in Normandy by Ellwood von Seibold and René van Oirschot.

Museums - Battle of the Bulge

La Gleize | december44.com
The December 44 museum is located in La Gleize, where the Battle of the Ardennes was fought, on the northern part of the offensive.

Poteau 44 | museum-poteau44.be
Museum situated in the middle of the former battlefield of Poteau, a small village in the Belgian Ardennes.

Baugnez 44 | baugnez44.be
Dedicated to the "Malmedy Massacre".

101st Airborne museum "le Mess" Bastogne | 101airbornemuseumbastogne.com
The history of the 101st Airborne during the Battle of the Bulge located in a historical building that was used by the Germans during the occupation of Bastogne and after the liberation used as hospital by the Red Cross.

Museums - Operation Market Garden

Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein' | airbornemuseum.nl
The museum about the Battle for Arnhem.

The Island: Betuws War Museum | betuwsoorlogsmuseum.nl
This Museum is a homage to all who fought brave for the liberation of the Betuwe. This area between the rivers Rhine and Waal was given the name "THE ISLAND" by the Allies in September 1944.

Liberty Park / Warmuseum Overloon | libertypark.nl
You will experience the occupation and the persecution, but also the resistance and D-Day. And, of course, the Battle at Overloon during the liberation of the southern Netherlands.

Museums - Other

Eyewitness WO2 | eyewitnesswo2.nl
The museum exhibits the European history of the Second World War in words and images by means of film, photography and display cases containing original uniforms and attributes. Furthermore, there are 13 dioramas depicting war scenes with 142 real life figures on a surface of 450 m².

Related websites

Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge | veteransofthebattleofthebulge.org

Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation | screamingeagles.nl
Honoring those who fought, were wounded, died or went missing on Allied side during World War II by collecting and publishing information and materials.

Trigger Time - 101st Airborne WW2 | 101airborneww2.com
Website by Mark A. Bando

Paratrooper Research Team | pararesearchteam.com
Website by Donald & Sophia van den Bogert

Liberation of Noorbeek | 12-09-1944.nl
Website about the Liberation of Noorbeek and Roy Booher (K-Co, 119th Reg., 30th Inf. Div.)

Our tours

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge; Bastogne Area

We offer you 4 unique tours in and around Bastogne where the Allies fought in one of the biggest campaigns during the last desperate attack of the German regime.

Fields of Honor

Fields of Honor

The only WWII American military cemetery in the Netherlands is situated in Margraten. Belgium has two World War Two American War Cemeteries: Henri-Chapelle & Ardennes

Operation Market Garden

Operation Market Garden

17th September 1944 American paratroopers landed in The Netherlands and the start of operation Market Garden is a fact.

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