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Extra service

In the past but also in the present we received many requests to make pictures of Grave markers at the US War Cemeteries in Margraten (The Netherlands), Henri Chapelle en Neuville-en-Condroz in Belgium and also requests to lay flowers or wreaths at Grave markers at these War Cemeteries. Therefore we decided to add an extra service for the families overseas and others who are interested.

Flowers and Wreaths
For those it is not possible or it is difficult to lay wreaths and/or flowers on special occasions we provide this service. Via a professional florist we can order flowers and/or wreaths made according to your wishes and place them for you at the Grave Markers or monuments. Off all the placed flowers and/or wreaths pictures will be made and sent via email or postal service of all flowers and/or wreaths placed at Grave Markers or Monuments. We will provide you with costs first and then you can decide if you wish to proceed. There is no obligation for obtaining a cost quotation including any special requests, as all is possible. For the two Cemeteries in Belgium we need to drive a certain distance which will add some cost to that of the flowers and/or wreaths.

On special request we can also make pictures of the graves that have your special attention or interest. Once taken pictures will be sent via email or postal service to wherever you designate. The taken pictures can also be put on a DVD so you can decide yourselves what you want to do with the pictures. The costs are depending on how you want us to send you the pictures and where you live. Also for this extra added service for the two US War Cemeteries in Belgium we have to travel a certain distance which will add some cost to that of the pictures.

Please Note:  For Veterans and their family this picture service is completely free of charge, however we prefer email.

More information or requests?
Please contact us via email.

Our tours

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge; Bastogne Area

We offer you 4 unique tours in and around Bastogne where the Allies fought in one of the biggest campaigns during the last desperate attack of the German regime.

Fields of Honor

Fields of Honor

The only WWII American military cemetery in the Netherlands is situated in Margraten. Belgium has two World War Two American War Cemeteries: Henri-Chapelle & Ardennes

Operation Market Garden

Operation Market Garden

17th September 1944 American paratroopers landed in The Netherlands and the start of operation Market Garden is a fact.

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