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Battle of the Bulge: Bastogne Area



Battle of the Bulge: Bastogne Area

We offer you four unique tours in and around Bastogne where the Allies fought in one of the biggest campaigns during the last desperate attack of the German regime.
The foxholes, the Bois Jaques, Foy, Recogne, Noville and many other places...you will be standing at the exact spots where it all took place and hear the real stories and see the traces left behind due to the large and heavy battle. You will enjoy a personally guided, in-depth journey through the history of the Battle of the Bulge.
This is not Hollywood, this is the real deal!

Relive the Battle of the Bulge; the attack, the surrounding and defense of Bastogne. The tours we offer in this area are:

1. Acquaintance Tour (1-day) | code: RLHBA01
This tour is recommend for people that know (almost) nothing and/or would like to know more about the Battle of the Bulge. First you'll visit a museum that gives you a good point of view of what happened and how the battle took place. The visit to the museum also gives you a good impression of what allied and axis uniforms, weapons, personal items and vehicles looked like. After that we will take and guide you to a few places where it actually happened.

2. Highlight Tour (1-day) | code: RLHBA02
A full day-tour on which you'll visit the places where history really took place. Through pictures and stories we will explain what happened in these areas. On this tour you will also see a lot of traces that were left behind by this huge and heavy battle. Be prepared for a breathtaking tour through the area and experience the highlights that makes you familiar with the fierce battle that took place.

3. Then & Now (1-day) | code: RLHBA03
Journey back in time to the Battle of the Bulge. You’ll see the actual sites captured on camera by soldiers and US Army photographers and provide you with the information about what happened there. During this tour you'll have all the opportunity to make 'then & now' pictures with the original photographs as a reference.

4. In-dept experience Tour (2-day) | code: RLHBA04
This is the most complete tour you can get. We offer you a varied program of two days in which you will be guided through the largest part of the area around Bastogne and her surrounding villages. You definitely won’t regret this tour due to the fact it gives you a clear point of view of the battle.

How to book one of these tours?
Send us an email with the following information; your name, address and contact details, tourdate, tourname and the number of participants. List any children and the age of each child that will take part of the tour.

After we receive your email we will check availability and will send you a confirmation or alternative dates.

If you have any questions first check our FAQ-section is your question not answered then do not hesitate to contact us.

Our tours

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge; Bastogne Area

We offer you 4 unique tours in and around Bastogne where the Allies fought in one of the biggest campaigns during the last desperate attack of the German regime.

Fields of Honor

Fields of Honor

The only WWII American military cemetery in the Netherlands is situated in Margraten. Belgium has two World War Two American War Cemeteries: Henri-Chapelle & Ardennes

Operation Market Garden

Operation Market Garden

17th September 1944 American paratroopers landed in The Netherlands and the start of operation Market Garden is a fact.

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